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Program Leadership

Pediatric Nephrology Fellowship


Anjali b. Nayak, MD

Anjali B. Nayak, MD
Program Director

Dr. Anjali B. Nayak, MD, serves as the Inaugural Program Director of the Pediatric Nephrology Fellowship Program at Phoenix Children's Hospital. As a pediatric nephrologist with a focus on chronic kidney disease and kidney transplantation, Dr. Nayak provides empathetic and evidence-based care. Her approach emphasizes accessibility, thoroughness, and responsiveness to her patients' needs.

With a long-standing interest in the biological sciences, Dr. Nayak has always aspired to become a physician. She was captivated by the intricacies of the kidney, which led her to pursue nephrology. "I cherish the opportunity to help children with chronic kidney disease lead happy, healthy lives. I have also had a life-long interest in teaching and would love to pass along the passion I have for nephrology to the future pediatric nephrologists. I also greatly value work-life balance and it is my goal to help any trainee achieve the same." says Dr. Nayak. She values the team's work philosophy at Phoenix Children's and the patient-centered care they deliver.



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