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Housewide Education

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Epidural Class

Target Audience

Registered nurses at Phoenix Children's.

Course Description

Reviews the benefits, indications and contraindications of utilizing an epidural catheter for analgesia in the pediatric population. There is a review of the basic anatomy and physiology of the spinal cord, as well as the patient assessments required and management of the patient with an epidural catheter for analgesia. The common drugs utilized in epidural infusions are discussed, including their properties, actions and side effects in relation to epidural infusions. The class will finish with a workshop on documentation utilized at Phoenix Children's, a multiple choice assessment and, if necessary, a review of the CADD pump.

Preceptor Workshop

Target Audience

Registered nurses and all allied healthcare providers at Phoenix Children's who are ready to start precepting new employees.

Course Description

The class looks at adult learning styles and how to integrate the preceptor's knowledge and clinical expertise, with the learning style and needs of the orientee, to make preceptorship a rewarding experience for all involved.



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