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New Graduate RN Programs in Pediatrics

Great nursing careers begin with a great clinical experience

The New Graduate RN Foundation Programs focus on distinct career tracks:

  • Acute Care tracks, including the following patient care areas: Hematology/Oncology/Cardiac, Neuro/Transplant, Inpatient Rehab, GI/Endo/Respiratory and Observation/Orthopedic
  • Critical Care tracks, including: NICU, ED, PICU and CVICU

Each track is provided a 10-14 week guided clinical experience to include dedicated classroom education and computer-based learning specialized for your track, simulation, skill immersion and precepted training. Classroom sessions are designed to enhance application of clinical knowledge while emphasizing critical thinking and the nursing care process at Phoenix Children's. Our goal is to provide consistency and support as the new graduate nurse transitions into the role of a professional pediatric nurse.

Requirements to apply online

  • Cumulative GPA 3.0 to be verified by a transcript
  • Recent graduation from an accredited nursing program
  • BSN is preferred or current enrollment in a BSN program
  • Have passed your NCLEX or have received a test date
  • Current BLS card through the American Heart Association or able to obtain before a start date

Once the requirements above are met, the new graduate RN may apply online for any nursing position that does not require experience. The status of an application may be verified by logging into the system at any time.

New graduate positions are competitive and applicants may need to apply to several positions before being selected to move forward. We encourage new grads to attach a cover letter with details of the career track, including specialty areas, they are most interested in. Applications are reviewed daily. If the applicant is not selected for a position, a no thank you letter is sent by email for each position applied to.

Applicants that are selected for a position will enjoy great competitive benefits. To learn more about applying, please visit our careers site.

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