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Enhanced Cleaning Measures

COVID-19 Resource Center

Cleaning and disinfecting can help reduce exposure to COVID-19, as well as other germs and bacteria. Our enhanced cleaning and disinfecting procedures in patient rooms, operating rooms and in all common areas at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and other sites of services are helping keep you and your family safe.

Inpatient Rooms

Our standard cleaning process includes changing linens, thoroughly cleaning rooms and fully disinfecting surfaces between patients. As part of our enhanced cleaning and disinfecting, we also use ultraviolet (UV-C) light disinfection. This method is even more powerful than standard cleaning solutions and is used to protect our most vulnerable patients.

Outpatient Spaces

We thoroughly clean and disinfect outpatient spaces, including waiting rooms and exam rooms, with products and solutions that kill coronavirus as well as other bacteria and viruses. Clinic rooms are thoroughly sanitized after each patient visit.

Frequency of Cleaning

We have increased the frequency of cleaning in high-traffic, high-touch areas across our hospital and all other sites of service. This includes our screening stations, check-in areas, waiting rooms, restrooms, the Phoenix Children’s cafeteria and other common areas. These spaces are cleaned multiple times each day and during overnight hours.

For an extra measure of safety, we also use UV-C treatment in various spaces in our clinics and hospital.

Ultraviolet Light Disinfection

UV-C light kills viruses and bacteria by breaking down their DNA. It also reduces the risk of being exposed to some bacteria that are resistant to certain antibiotics. The bacteria, also known as multidrug-resistant organisms or MDRO, are difficult to eliminate through traditional cleaning methods. In addition to disinfecting open spaces, the light bounces and reflects into hard-to-reach areas such as open drawers and between cabinets and fixtures. This cleaning method is chemical-free and leaves no residue.


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