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Top Doctors 2023

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Congratulations, 2023 Top Doctors!

For more than 20 years, PHOENIX magazine has honored the Valley’s Top Doctors, based on a survey of healthcare professionals in a variety of specialties throughout the Valley.

Phoenix Children’s congratulates these 75 physicians who have been recognized by their peers as Top Doctors in PHOENIX magazine.


Mohamad Alaeddine, MD – Heart Surgery
Wendy Arafiles, MD – Hospital Medicine
Julie Augenstein, MD – Emergency Medicine
Funda Bachini, MD – Psychiatry
Wassim Ballan, MD – Infectious Diseases
Cindy Bauer, MD – Allergy & Immunology
Wendy Bernatavicius, MD – General Pediatrics
Saunder Bernes, MD – Neurology
Robert B. Bulloch, MD – Emergency Medicine
Keren Cedillos, MD – Emergency Medicine
Melissa Chambers, DO – Endocrinology
David Crockett, MD – Otolaryngology
Austin DeHart, MD – Otolaryngology
Kaleo Ede, MD – Rheumatology
John Egan, MD – Pediatric Surgery
Mohammed Elkhwad, MD – Neonatology
Lisa Fox, DO – Hospital Medicine
Wayne Franklin, MD – Cardiology
Mark Gerber, MD - Otolaryngology
Gwen Grimsby, MD – Urology
Randon Hall, MD – Orthopedics & Sports Medicine
Stephanie Hsieh, MD - Nephrology
Chirag Kapadia, MD – Endocrinology
Brian Kelly, MD – Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine
Christine Knoll, MD – Hematology & Oncology
Robin Laks, MD – Phoenix Children’s Pediatrics
Kara S. Lewis, MD – Neurology
Christopher Lindblade, MD – Cardiology
Gregory Martin, MD – Neonatology
Lisa McMahon, MD – Pediatric Surgery
Heather Menzer, MD – Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine
Jared Muenzer, MD – Emergency Medicine
Kathryn Newby, DO, Phoenix Children’s Pediatrics
Michael Nguyen, MD – Urology          
Lahav Nissim, MD – Radiology
David Notrica, MD – Trauma
Micah Olson, MD – Endocrinology
Scott Ostdiek, MD – Infectious Diseases
Steven Ozer, MD - Anesthesiology
Nathan Page, MD – Otolaryngology
Andrew Papez, MD – Cardiology
Karen Papez, MD – Nephrology
Ashish Patel, MD – Gastroenterology
Mittun Patel, MD – Radiology
Julia Piwoz, MD – Infectious Diseases
James Plotnik, MD – Ophthalmology  
Harper Price, MD – Dermatology
Reena Rastogi, MD – Neurology
Michelle Ratkiewicz, DO – Pulmonology
Dustin Rayhorn, MD – Hospital Medicine
Dannah Raz, MD – Developmental Pediatrics
Melissa Redleaf, MD – Phoenix Children’s Pediatrics
Randall Ricardi, DO – Psychiatry
Jennifer Ronecker, MD – Neurosurgery
Elyssa Rosenthal, MD – Ophthalmology
Keith Sacco, MD – Allergy & Immunology
Carrie Schaefer, MD – Radiology
Timothy Schaub, MD – Plastic Surgery
Shauna Schroeder, MD – Gastroenterology
David Shafron, MD – Neurosurgery
Sanjay Shah, MD – Hematology & Oncology
Victoria Sheppard–LaBrecque, MD – Developmental Pediatrics
Davinder Singh, MD – Plastic Surgery
Deborah Tom, MD – Neonatology
Kathleen van Leeuwen, MD – Pediatric Surgery
Daniel Velez, MD – Heart Surgery
Elisa Wershba, MD – Rheumatology
Gregory White, MD – Orthopedics & Sports Medicine        
Scott Willard, MD – Radiology
Dana Williams, MD – Gastroenterology
Sophia Williams, MD – Pulmonology
Laura Wilner, MD – Physician Medicine & Rehabilitation
Kristina Wilson, MD – Orthopedics & Rehabilitation
Darcey Winterland, MD – Phoenix Children’s Pediatrics
Mostafa Youssfi, MD – Radiology

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